Sunday, October 26, 2008


I have gotten myself something that i've been longing for..i am indeed a happy girl! :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

It is finally done!

well I have been very busy lately with classes and the entrepreneurship business project..glad today was our last day to run the business..we still haven't counted yet on how much profit we have made..i'm glad that everything went well despite the arguments and disagreements that we had..nevertheless, i had fun too, running our stall while managing the time to attend lectures after that..

a view of our " Let's Makan Stall "

our most wanted item - the deep fried chicken!

this is how the chicken looks's similar to that taiwan fried chicken

well this was my job for the past 8days , that is to cut the chickens!

pictures from Pyramid the other day..


black pepper chicken with rice and fries at Shabu-shabu


oyster mee suah at taiwan house!!we moved from 1 shop to another which are located in the same row! lol..

2 crazy eaters!

us with our new bling bling!haha...



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crazy crazy day!!

Today was our first day of entrepreneurship project. Everything was so messed up..well what to do it was our first day of business..but i can say it went pretty good because we managed to sell quite a was damn tiring i can say...and something bad happened to me that makes me almost embarrased myself in front of the people!haha..maybe it was just my unlucky day..

Well for now, i just came back from the Sushi King outlet in Puchong..went there to buy the stuff for our business stall..found what we were finding, then was thinking of where to eat.. then suddenly maggie remembered that today Sushi King is having promotion for their members..the RM2 per plate of sushi she quickly called the nearest Sushi King outlet to confirm it..then, when we finally confirmed that is true, we quickly rushed to Tesco because we guessed that it is located in Tesco..when we reached Tesco, we saw the Sushi King banner from afar and started shouting happily in the car!! :) was hyperly happy k! then, we waited for quite some time to be seated because it was super full! i didn't really eat that much because we went there quite late so not so much choices already..but overall it was worth it..and i already signed up for their membership! YEA! can start eating sushi like crazy next year! haha...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A very hectic and tiring day!! ( 11/10/08)

Well i started off the day by going to 1 utama with my bestie, mabel to collect our payment for the part time job that we did before Raya...supposed to go to the stupid hotel to collect our payment as well but the manager is on leave until monday. therefore, we have to go there again some other day..well we were kinda pissed off because it's been so long k and so many excuses have been given to us! well back to the story, we had nasi lemak 1st as our breakfast, then we walked around and around and then we met Michelle and Eugene..luckily they paid us our full payment, if not we have to go there again..damn happy k! and i felt happy to be at that place again!lol..

us with our payment slips!!

so happy!

mine! :P-

Then, we rushed back to my house to give the things that my mum asked me to buy...then again rushed to carrefour, Subang and met up with my group members for the entrepreneurship project..bought the things we wanted there but sadly not all the things can be found there! :(
when we were searching for the t-shirts and caps, my mum called and asked me to pick up my sis from tuition..then again rushed to taipan and headed home straight away after that..after awhile, they came to my house and we did the food demo..

As for tommorow, i need to wake up at 6am to fetch the part time maid because we're going to have an open house at my house tommorow..then, i need to go to giant and buy some stuff..then, go home and help my mum and stuff..what a tiring weekend i am having..and i still need to find the topic for my TIS report because need to submit it on monday!OMG..

Monday, October 6, 2008

first day of term 5

College has started once again after the so-called long 1 month break..classes are resuming as normal...but i still feel like i'm not ready for it yet..with assignments and stuff..this term i have to work hard to achieve my goals and believe me i will! hope everything will be fine...

Raya celebration and kak lela's bbq party at Penang!

everything was great, the food and the companion i had during Raya kept me smiling all the time..I had the wonderful Raya celebration ever with the new house that is big enough to keep my family members under one roof and not to forget the presence of every family members on the first day of Raya brought me happiness and joy...

Raya's pictures:

the night before Raya, all busy eating Raya cookies just to get ourselves in the Raya mood

my uncle's family

my twins cousins' family
1st family - kak Ja's family

2nd family - kak Ji's family


their sons and daugthers aka my nephews and nieces

my family

my beloved cousins

Pictures from kak Lela's bbq party:

the chicken, lamb and sausages

we placed a mat at the car porch and it just felt like a family picnic!!eating together makes me feel happy! i swear i ate lots of lamb that night k!

the sisters

the birthday cake - oreo cheese cake that was absolutely yummy and just amazing k!

and the many faces of the birthday girl...

p.s : happy 24th birthday again my dearest sister! i know you had fun that night and well i'm glad you did! :P

last but not least a picture of me and my beloved cousins!!