Saturday, October 11, 2008

A very hectic and tiring day!! ( 11/10/08)

Well i started off the day by going to 1 utama with my bestie, mabel to collect our payment for the part time job that we did before Raya...supposed to go to the stupid hotel to collect our payment as well but the manager is on leave until monday. therefore, we have to go there again some other day..well we were kinda pissed off because it's been so long k and so many excuses have been given to us! well back to the story, we had nasi lemak 1st as our breakfast, then we walked around and around and then we met Michelle and Eugene..luckily they paid us our full payment, if not we have to go there again..damn happy k! and i felt happy to be at that place again!lol..

us with our payment slips!!

so happy!

mine! :P-

Then, we rushed back to my house to give the things that my mum asked me to buy...then again rushed to carrefour, Subang and met up with my group members for the entrepreneurship project..bought the things we wanted there but sadly not all the things can be found there! :(
when we were searching for the t-shirts and caps, my mum called and asked me to pick up my sis from tuition..then again rushed to taipan and headed home straight away after that..after awhile, they came to my house and we did the food demo..

As for tommorow, i need to wake up at 6am to fetch the part time maid because we're going to have an open house at my house tommorow..then, i need to go to giant and buy some stuff..then, go home and help my mum and stuff..what a tiring weekend i am having..and i still need to find the topic for my TIS report because need to submit it on monday!OMG..