Saturday, February 28, 2009

Satay Kajang!!!

just got back from having Satay Kajang with my family,
after almost a year of not having it!
it's the bestest satay ever and the peanut sauce is awesome!
spicy and not sweet like the one that you will normally find at most of the satay stalls...

me n a retarded sis!! :P-

my all time fav: maggi tom yam!!

the delicious satay!! :)

da amount of satays dat I've had eaten..

Friday, February 27, 2009

Month of baking and Jacqueline's early birthday celebration!!

my mum has once again continues her interest in baking..
and because of that me and my sisters get to eat different cakes every weekend from now on..
and that makes me a very happy girl and oh I've gained some weight at last!

carrot cheese cake!

n dis is da healthy cheese cake!

and as for today, me and fen had celebrated Jacqueline's 21st birthday in advanced!
i went to college in the morning and waited until 9am
then straight away i went to Subang Parade to buy her present and birthday cake..
got what i wanted and then had to rush for class
as soon as the class ended, we headed straight away to Pyramid for lunch

her fav white chocolate macadamia cake from secret recipe!

da funny bday gal making her wish!

the present we got 4her which are 2 diff types of cheeses since she loves it sooo much!
glad she liked it! :)

the sisters posing wit their

me n fen wit Jacqueline's interrupting hand!haha..

us <3

Monday, February 16, 2009

darling Hana's 21st birthday party! :)

let me started off by what had happened on Friday..
went to kerinchi with Mabel to get my payment after so long which was almost 2 months of waiting
confronted the useless manager and he wanted to cheat me at 1st but hey don't look down on me because I'm not weak ok! felt so funny because he was so scared of me and straight away i got my money! i have problem with my TIS report because the hotel says that they are busy and have no time to be interviewed by unconsiderate at all!!
then, went to mydin and the bakery shop to buy the ingredients for hana's birthday..

ok moving on to the happier note, we had celebrated hana's birthday in advanced today!!
the actual date is on the 16th of feb by the way..
had a small party at my place and everyone brought something to eat because it was like a potluck party..
i started preparing everything at 12pm and it only ended at around 5pm..
baked an american chocolate cake for hana and also fried rice...
thank god it all turned out to be tasty and nice! :)

cam whoring session while waiting for the birthday girl to arrive!!

the posers!! lol..

hana was the one who has to pretend dat she was shocked but these 2 gals were so excited!!haha...

the food!

tuna pasta by mabel!

caramel by ain!

n the blueberry muffins by tiqah!

my darlings!!! :)

me with the bday gal!

the chocolate cake dat i baked!! yummy..n i love the flowers!!

me n mabel posing wit the bday cake

i was trying so hard to avoid the candles from blowing off cuz they did not turn off the fan!

there u go..perfect this time..

happy 21st bday hana!!all the best and we love u!!muaxcc..

pose no 1

pose no 2

the chocolate vampires! haha...

the bday gal wit her 1st present which is a pearl pendant from me!

now wit the 2nd present from all of us - the colorful bracelet!!

so sweet!

love the pic

the staircase pose no 1

the staircase pose no 2



me, mabel n jamie!

i had fun today! love u guys sooo much!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happiness is actually there when you do believe in its existence

me and my besties; mabel and ain spent a total of 10 hours in One Utama searching for presents and watched the "Bride Wars"..
for me the movie sucks and it was just plain boring! just like what they wrote about it in the newspapers.. :(
I'm tired and my legs are hurting..
but thank god we got what we wanted! :)
can't wait for next week! more happier times to come! :)

I'm happy for you..i really do! congrats on your new found happiness and i hope you will be happy always and no more sadness k! i will be here whenever you need me ya! love you a lot! muaxcc..