Saturday, November 29, 2008

Birthdays celebration (J.A.L.A.S)
Venue: Gasoline, Pyramid

I've been fully occupied nowadays..busy with college of for the first time i went out with my close friends after so long k..feels good to be with's been so long since i laughed that loud and happily! :) i love them so much for making my life wonderful!

the damn beautiful christmas tree at Pyramid!

pretty girls with the pretty xmas tree!lol

at Gasoline!

my mushroom chicken chop!not that nice though...

me n jamie!


Our bday cake!!specially made by mabelthank you sooo much!J-jamie, A-atiqah, L-linda, A-ayuni, S-syirah...

the bday girls!!

me with the cake!


mabel, me n ain

Group pictures:

Cam whoring session in the princess toilet! :)

we so love the big mirror!!

and again..hehe

i love the background!haha..

we are sooo red!lol...

with ida the stylo!

love this picture!



After lunch, went to Summit to watch Quarantine because in Pyramid was full with people..i was a nice movie but i got all headache and felt like vomitting beause the movie is based on a guy video taping it all the way throughout the head was all dizzy!i hate those kind of movies!luckily i did not puke like i did when i was watching clover field some time ago...and luckily this story is not bad after all..i screamed, shouted, covered my eyes and kept saying OMG, shit, f*** all the way throughout the movie!haha sorry but i can't help it!lol..i had a great day today. Can't you see? :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

mid term exams are over...
now i have to start studying for the finals
I don't wanna play no more , it's time to get really serious
I'm starting to get sick because of the emotional weather nowadays. it rains everyday..

Monday, November 17, 2008

one of the ways to de-stress before exam!

that is by taking pictures!it always and will always make me happy! lol...

the best friends - fen, me and jacqueline! :)

* pictures were taken after budgeting exam and just before finance quiz!


well last Saturday i went to my sister's friend's wedding..i can say that it was just a small wedding reception with close relatives and friends as the guests. and the worst part is that the food was sucks.tasteless i can say..that already makes a bad impression for that wedding reception..for me food is the most important thing in a wedding.well, the decorations are important too right! good food+perfect decorations+good company = a great wedding reception! but just a wedding reception itself can cause a bomb in your many things to be planned and stuff..i wonder is it really worth doing it for as what people say it's once in a lifetime case..but how sure are you that the person that you are going to get married would be the one in your life? anyway, here are some pictures from the wedding :

Saturday, November 15, 2008

last night after kitchen class i saw this from the mamak stall near our college..i was so hyper and happy even though i could only see it from far..well this is what i meant:


p.s: i hope to see it again! :)

I've been busy with assignments and assessments are the pictures from an open house at my relative's house during hari raya:

the interior of their beautiful house:

with my niece and nephew: