Sunday, September 28, 2008

fiza's 20th bday celebration!

fiza's belated birthday celebration at 1 utama!

started off the day by cam-whoring at ain's place while waiting for hana 2 pick us up..

at 1 utama :

Fish n Co restaurant, the place where we dine in.

my sayangs!

(the cake cutting ceremony and our crazy cam-whoring session!)

the birthday cake and her L-O-V-E bracelet that we got for her!

the birthday girl, fiza!happy 20th birthday again and i hope you had fun!

ain putting on the bracelet for her..i'm glad she likes it!

cake advertisements!lol..

my besties..from left: ain, hana, fiza, jamie and mabel!love them so so much!

the so-called fantastic four! haha..

the zoo pose

group photos!

p.s : I had fun today and I know we did!hope to see you girls soon!muaxc..

26/9/08 (fri) - shopping at 1 utama

26/9/08 (fri) - shopping at 1 utama

cam-whoring session in the car before going off to 1 utama :P-

in the fitting room! ( cam-whoring with my new top ) love it so much!

after 1 utama, me n my sister's bf went to Sunway Pyramid to break fast there because my sis had 2 break fast at her friend's house..reached there just in time for breaking fast because we got lost after sending my sis off..wanted to dine at Tony Roma's but it was full house..was quite sad though! in the end, we ended up at Pappa Rich kopitiam..the food was tasteless..i was quite sad but no choice because i had to fill my empty stomach..there, we saw a teenage couple hugging and french kissing at the end corner of the kopitiam! we were quite shocked because i mean like hello it's a public place and it's a holy month..people go there to dine and not to see your live romance drama..huh..i wonder what is happening to the teenagers nowadays..after that, we went to Zen Cafe by Secret recipe to have our dessert!the mini mud cake is awesome i tell you!what a yummy cake to end up my day! :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Guess what i had KFC during breaking fast! well maybe for you it does not mean anything but for me and my sisters it's different because my mum rarely buys fast food to eat because she does not like it so yeah she will only buy it for us once in a blue moon..we were like damn happy k!well maybe not us maybe it was just me..haha..i remember the last time i had KFC was during my training days recently..actually we ordered the hot and spicy chicken but i think they gave us the new spice flavor..the taste is way much better than i thought it would be!love it so so much because of the strong flavor of herbs and spices that goes well with the chicken..but surprisingly i did not eat that much today..maybe due to the extreme consumption of food yesterday at SHOGUN! haha... will blog about it soon when i get the pictures from Sem...another happy news is that my elder sis will be coming home soon tonight! I'm going out wit my bestie, Mabel and my sis tomorrow! *happy* :) but for now i'm gonna have to start doing my report and get it done quickly so that i can enjoy my holidays!till then, good night!

1st post ( working life as a promoter )

well I'm starting with my own blog again! hope this time is for real..I'm currently on my term break now since i have just finished my industrial training for the third time now..after training, been desperately looking for a part time job to earn some cash..and that's why u can tell why me and mabel worked at Armada Hotel in PJ just for 2 days..even though the pay is damn freaking low k..but luckily we managed to get a job as promoters at 1 utama after that..the pay is not bad i can say because 1 day we can earn like almost RM100 including the commission. Well, that is consider quite a lot for us..

well here we are as the "Beijing 101" girls! got shocked when we found out that we had 2 promote a hair package treatment. It's something like Yun Nam hair care centre.

1st day of work :

trying to cheer ourselves up b4 working by cam-whoring! but mabel spoils the 1st

2nd take - our kawaii pose!haha..i love it so much!

Our cute booth :

our new friend, "Ming"..

met miss Ida while working!

Time flies really fast..10 days was just like a minute..It's funny about how we used to hate the job but now we kinda miss everything about it..i miss going to the shopping mall early in the morning everyday when there's no one there except for the workers who work there and go back home late at night..i miss the delicious food there, the people there and also the place..i miss crispy chicken, oyster mee suah, jusco's nasi lemak n keoy teow, la boheme bakery, the food court, big apple, the brownies from jusco, watsons and the nice toilet with big mirrors! eventhough it was a tough job, needing to meet the sales target everyday, but we had fun though with all the laughing like 2 crazy monkeys to which we laughed so loud until we sat on the floor and the workers at watsons and the people who passed by were just staring at us! it's been so long since i had felt that happy again..nothing beats the companian like working with your bestest friend you see..