Friday, October 11, 2013

Back again

Hey! Was browsing through my long forgotten blog and i thought why don't i start blogging again? So yeah here I am~ :) Life has been boring..the same routine everyday~ :(
I really hope that before end of this year I will have a better life..amin

Below are some updates from my not-so-interesting life.

1) I've just gotten a new baby nephew~

Cute lil boy ~Yusuf Feroza~ :)

2) Been hanging out with the family frequently lately

3) Had a great catch up session with my ex college mates

4) Birthday celebrations with the high school gang at Sukiya

5) Korean food hunting at Dubu2, Pyramid with lil sister

6) More food hunting at The redbean bag & Ben's at Publika~  

Hopefully, more to come after this~ :p-