Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crazy crazy day!!

Today was our first day of entrepreneurship project. Everything was so messed up..well what to do it was our first day of business..but i can say it went pretty good because we managed to sell quite a was damn tiring i can say...and something bad happened to me that makes me almost embarrased myself in front of the people!haha..maybe it was just my unlucky day..

Well for now, i just came back from the Sushi King outlet in Puchong..went there to buy the stuff for our business stall..found what we were finding, then was thinking of where to eat.. then suddenly maggie remembered that today Sushi King is having promotion for their members..the RM2 per plate of sushi she quickly called the nearest Sushi King outlet to confirm it..then, when we finally confirmed that is true, we quickly rushed to Tesco because we guessed that it is located in Tesco..when we reached Tesco, we saw the Sushi King banner from afar and started shouting happily in the car!! :) was hyperly happy k! then, we waited for quite some time to be seated because it was super full! i didn't really eat that much because we went there quite late so not so much choices already..but overall it was worth it..and i already signed up for their membership! YEA! can start eating sushi like crazy next year! haha...