Monday, October 6, 2008

Raya celebration and kak lela's bbq party at Penang!

everything was great, the food and the companion i had during Raya kept me smiling all the time..I had the wonderful Raya celebration ever with the new house that is big enough to keep my family members under one roof and not to forget the presence of every family members on the first day of Raya brought me happiness and joy...

Raya's pictures:

the night before Raya, all busy eating Raya cookies just to get ourselves in the Raya mood

my uncle's family

my twins cousins' family
1st family - kak Ja's family

2nd family - kak Ji's family


their sons and daugthers aka my nephews and nieces

my family

my beloved cousins

Pictures from kak Lela's bbq party:

the chicken, lamb and sausages

we placed a mat at the car porch and it just felt like a family picnic!!eating together makes me feel happy! i swear i ate lots of lamb that night k!

the sisters

the birthday cake - oreo cheese cake that was absolutely yummy and just amazing k!

and the many faces of the birthday girl...

p.s : happy 24th birthday again my dearest sister! i know you had fun that night and well i'm glad you did! :P

last but not least a picture of me and my beloved cousins!!