Monday, February 28, 2011

Movie marathon

At last I finally managed to pay my summons today after queuing up for almost 4 hours!!!Reached the police station at 6.30am but had to wait for kinda long because of some(well, literally almost all) "civilized" Malaysians who are just good at cutting queues!

After that went for a movie marathon at Pyramid with tqa and ida. Felt very dizzy after watching "black swan' because of the unstable camera movements! I swore I didn't really enjoy the movie at all because of that. Just glad that I didn't throw up in the cinema! :p- Right after that, we went on for our second movie, which was "the rite". I can say that it was a great movie even though it isn't all that scary.

Well, days seemed to pass by very fast nowadays, and that means time to get back to work tomorrow! :(