Tuesday, March 3, 2009

things to update:

1. I'm now into facebook! well finally!
2. Wanted 2 donate blood today at College but my good intention was being rejected as they said that my blood pressure is lower than the minimum requirement that they require!
mind you, today was the 4th time that i wanted to do so but failed!
the 1st time was because i was still underage..
2nd was because my blood pressure was low..
3rd was because i was consuming some medication earlier before that day..
and now i have problem with my blood pressure again!
the nurse even checked it twice just to reconfirm it ok!
i was so confident that everything will go well but ended up this way...
never mind, will try my luck again next time! :)

so, because i can't donate my blood, i accompanied Arn Tin and Chun Cher for the good cause instead of going back home straight away..

da happy couple!